Custom Key Signature Problem

Hi Steinberg Community, can you explain me why when I use a custom key signature I can’t put any accidentals in the sheet? (I would like to put F# but Dorico doesn’t allow me to do it).
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Valerio Schermata 2021-10-08 alle 13.31.57

I don’t know. It works for me.
Upload your project and we’ll see how you’ve set it up.

2021-10-08 14-34-28_Key Signature Problem.dorico (386.4 KB)

I was able to do it. I just had to change one of the notes first, for some reason. After that, I could immediately alter any of the others. I changed the first note using a midi keyboard, and then ctrl-Z’d to undo, and suddenly all the others became malleable.
[Note to the dev. team: when I first opened this project on my M1, I could not use the key command to sharp any of these notes.]

EDIT: I closed and reopened the project to see if I could replicate how I fixed it. This time it seemed to behave differently. (I say seemed, because I imagine I didn’t exactly replicate my keystrokes from the first time.)

First, to the OP: How did you create this custom key signature? It doesn’t appear in the dialogue to create/edit custom key signatures.

By default Dorico lets me make the notes natural, but not sharp. But if you make one natural, then the others can be sharped after that first step, even if they occur before the note that is made natural. I also found that things started working as expected after I double clicked on the custom key signature in the right hand pane. It seemed as if it almost “reactivated” the custom key signature. Either way, something odd is going on here.

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Somehow you have managed to remove all available accidentals from the tonality system.
See (Your project is on the left, mine is on the right)


Thank you for your replying, I am sure I did a mistake when I created the custom key signature, I will consult the manual to understand it better

A good rule of thumb is to duplicate the default tonality system and then edit the duplicate copy rather than the original so that way if there’s a problem you can revert back to the default settings.

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