Custom Key Signatures Bug

I created a custom key signature with an F-sharp. I used the octave button to move it to the bottom space of the treble clef. Then I switched the edit the bass clef, and again used the octave button to move it up to the second from the top line. When using this key signature in the score, my edits in octave work perfectly for the treble clef, but not for the bass clef. The F-sharp is an octave lower than where it appears in the edit dialogue. I can’t find anyway to fix this. Possible bug? Or user error?

Thanks for reporting this. I can confirm this is in fact a bug: the key signature will draw as you expect at a change of key later in the flow, but it won’t draw correctly in the preamble at the start of the system. We’ll fix this in a future version. I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Good to know this will be fixed. Thanks!

so this same issue is happening for me, even though it has never happened before. what can i do about this?

Can you attach the project so I can take a look at it?