custom key signatures not saved

Apologies if this has been discussed already
i use Dorico to type ottoman music in the Rauf Yekta notation, which it does well.I have created a new tonality system and defined the new accidentals fine.
However, when i create custom key signatures for that tonality system, those do not get saved in the programme

they get saved as part of the score but if i start a new score, my custom key signatures appear blank and i have to create them again
Am i doing something wrong?
i am using 3.0 atm

many thanks

Have you clicked the ‘Save as Default’ button in the Edit Tonality System dialog? That’s necessary for the tonality system to be saved such that it will appear in projects that you subsequently create.

Thank you
the tonality itself is saved.
the custom key signatures however only get saved for the projects i create them for.
if i start a new project, they are not there.
hope this makes sense

I’ve tried this again for myself this evening and it certainly works as I would expect. Could you zip up and attach the project containing your custom tonality system, so I can try saving it as a default myself?