Custom keyboard shortcuts stop working

I can’t replicate this as of yet, but at some point custom keyboard shortcuts I’ve made simply stop working. They are still listed under “key commands”, and deleting them and reassigning them doesn’t work. Loading a complete other command set and then re-loading my custom one also doesn’t fix it. Closing and re-opening a project does not fix it. If I restart Cubase then all is well again. Other shortcuts remain functional.

Cubase 7.02

Anyone else?

It will be fine, when you find, when does it stop to work.

Do you use internal Virtual Keyboard of Cubase?

No, I don’t activate the virtual keyboard.

Answering question like this without system info listed is somewhat pointless. Maybe you could take a minute and create a sig

I can’t see where to edit my signature in the UCP :confused:

I’m on PC, using a MOTU Ultralite Firewire and a M-Audio USB keyboard. Windows 7 x64, Cubase 7.02.

That’s why I included that url.

I am on Mac, so if you’re certain the virtual keyboard in the Transport is off all I can offer is the suggestion to start Cubase in Safe Mode and see if your shortcuts work.

You might try loading a different Key Commands preset to see if that works to aid in your troubleshooting.

Thanks for trying though.

Because I’m not constantly using custom shortcuts but also the defaults, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly at which point they stop working.

A major +1.

Sometimes I key the VK key combination by mistake but the VK is
off the screen (or buried behind a window)
so I don’t realize that it has been activated yet.

So I’ll spend the next minutes punching uselessly at the keyboard till I remember:
Ah yes, it probability that VK thang again; and sure enough more times
than not, that’s the prob.


I have one song (that came from a downloaded MIDI file)
that will not respond to many of my KC’s.

Not just my custom commands but this file will not respond to
Steiny’s own built-in commands (zoom etc).

I have torn this file apart (list edit etc) to see what is causing just this one file
to behave that way.

Still have not figured it yet.

This thread has been very informative.

Mahalo {’-’}