Custom kit problems

I posted a while back about the sort order of custom percussion kits/groups. It makes sense that Dorico cannot anticipate what exactly is going to be in one of these, and where the user will want to put it, but I’d have thought that most users would want it to appear among other percussion, or else where other percussion would be.

A problem that occurs, having manually moved the kit to its desired place is that, if auto sort is engaged, then adding a new instrument of any kind causes the sort order to revert. When setting complex projects up, this can get frustrating. Maybe a solution would be to allow specific instruments to be exempted from auto-sort?

Anyway, another problem has cropped up, importing a flow containing a custom kit into a separate project. In this case, the project already contains a custom kit. What happens is that the imported-flow kit goes from being an individual instrument for playback purposes, to being a group of individual instruments.

In the attached zip, Edge dummy & Big orch are the two starting points. Big orch is set up for multiple VEPro instances, while Edge dummy has just one. Both have custom kits: a set of toms in the orchestral one, and the Tama lite in the other. Toms are set up on a standard staff; Tama lite is set up as single-line instruments.
custom kit (3.6 MB)

Update: I tried adding the Tama lite kit as a new instrument. It is showing in grid layout. Easy enough to fix (relieved to see in Layout Options that Dorico handles each instrument individually), but not expected behaviour.