Custom knobs from g200kg. Why does one work and others not?

This is driving me absolutely crazy and have finally given up and resorting to help.

I’m trying to use this knob:

but when doing so only see this part of the image. I can tell by adjusting the knob destination parameter it is connected but merely scrolling from the top of the png to the bottom.


However, when I follow the exact same process with this knob (selected purely at random) it works perfectly:


After looking at the knob parameters side by side the only difference I can see (other than visually obviously) is the non-working knob renders to 101 frames whereas the working knob only renders to 17. However, even after rendering the non-working one to 17 this made no difference.

Well I found one that I liked (after customising it) so it’s no longer an issue, however for curiosity purposes I’d still like to know.

Hi Mushy I just had the same problem did you ever figure out why it happened?

No unfortunately not. I found ones I liked that worked so ignored the others.

However, it would be good to know for future reference.

Yeah true …who knows someone might plod along see this post pop in and through the solution at us… Cheers for the reply.

I also had this problem in the beginning. I think that could be a problem with the number of Frames in the Resources Properties of the Knob. There you have to check the Frame Numbers. They have to be the same as the rendered png.
Maybe this could fix it. But be careful, save your work, Halion crashes sometimes if I change this to the right number.

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You have to make sure you specify the number of frames in HALion.