Custom l.v. slurs?

I need to put-in quite a few small l.v. slurs before some notes, where using the slur in the properties isn’t practical. What would be the next best method? Are there no glyphs that I could import?

Thanks !

Impractical how? Can you not tweak the l.v. tie to suit your purposes in Engrave mode?


They are notes that are tied, so using the l.v. ties seems to be out of the questions…

I can’t find a font with some decent ties. I could just place them as text…

Any ideas?

If you can’t find a suitable slur glyph in a font (and I’m not sure that you’ll find one that reliably serves your purpose, given slurs and ties are typically drawn as lines rather than glyphs) you could stick a note in another voice behind the existing tied note, Hide Stem in Engrave properties, then apply the lv tie to that notehead.

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I’d rather note have to go the route of creating a note, then hiding, then moving the l.v. tie. It’s in a long piano/vocal score, there’s a bit of approximate writing (reducing the orchestra), and I need to be able to quickly put in lots of these ties.

I couldn’t find one in any of the fonts I have. Any ideas? I didn’t see any glyphs either. Does anyone know of any?

In Finale, this is so easy. I had created several as shapes and was able to put them in quickly.