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Hello!! I have been using Dorico for three weeks now and I’m super happy about it!
I have a custom situation while making parts with Dorico. I’m working on a commission with 9 flows for an orchestra that uses world music instruments. I also make the players sing very often. In the majority of the flows I use instrument changes for changing from the instrument to the voice, and I don’t specifically ask for an exact octave because I don’t know the genders of the people that are going to sing/play the parts.
The point here is that there is a movement that is a capella, and there I wrote a 4 part choir with divisi. I created new players and related them to just one flow, and I related them to all the parts. I would like to know if there is a way to just edit this 4 part choir arrangement 1 time and not 20 times for each layout. I did the propagate part formatting thing and it seems a good option but I would like to use it for just one flow, not for all of them, is it possible? Also, I see that it doesn’t propagate the custom scale staff I tweaked for some systems. Is there a more elegant solution for that? I’m imagining copying the edited layout literally and putting it into all the other layouts but I don’t know if it is possible.
Thank you very much in advance!

Hello Daniel, great to hear you’re enjoying using Dorico so far!

It’s still slightly manual, but perhaps one cleaner way of handling this is to insert system breaks and frame breaks (as required) in this a cappella flow, use those break signposts to change the staff size, then in Write mode copy/paste all the break signposts from the first layout in which you formatted this flow to all the other part layouts.

The space size set at signposts is retained when you copy/paste, so this way you would fairly easily transfer both the casting off of which bars appear in each system, and the customised staff size.

(The option to change the size of staves from the right-click menu is more intended for e.g. when you have a soloist’s part shown small above the accompanist’s staves.)

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Thank you very much Lillie!! It was super helpful!!

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