Custom line not showing in part


I’m able to draw a custom line in a score, but it is not appearing in the part. What am I doing wrong?

That’s curious. Try using Engrave > Split Multi-bar Rest to split the multi-bar rest in the part layout.

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You’ll need to switch off multi-bar rests for the layout temporarily (which you can do on the Players page of Layout Options) and then create a split at each barline in the passage where your line should appear.

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I placed the custom line on the Oboe 1 line, and it is visible in Galley View, but when I switch to Page View, the program is not switching from English Horn to Oboe 1 at bar 54.

Try putting in a fake/ghost note and scaling it down to 1% and remove the other rests. Does that force dorico to recognize the switch?

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Thank you, Romanos! This will be a good workaround for the time being.

Daniel, thank you so much for your previous suggestions.

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Aha, I’d failed to realise there was an instrument change going on there. Dorico will only switch instruments when there is a note, as James has suggested.