Custom lines and playing techniques

I just realized that custom lines and playing techniques don’t transfer from one project to the next.

Why on earth wouldn’t we be able to just add them to a pool and use them in perpetuity??

I created a “fill ---------” and “solo fill -------” horizontal line bracket for use with drums (first of all, I cannot believe that this isn’t already in the library, but whatever). How do I do it one time and add it into the library permanently?

In the project where you created them, select them in the corresponding dialog, then click the star button at the bottom of the list – this “Saves as Default” to your user library and makes them available in all future projects on that computer.

If you have Dorico Pro, you can also use the Library Manager to transfer items like this, as well as all kinds of settings and customization, between any two projects.


Thank you!

(It would be courteous to credit Lillie with the solution, not yourself!)

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Yes, the OP can change which post is marked “Solution” (as jzimn immediately did).

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