Custom Logical Preset Macro

I have created a logical preset. It does show in the midi menu under logical presets. I want to set up a macro for this preset but it’s not showing in key commands. Is it supposed to show in the key commands? Is there any way to set up a macros for custom presets?

Open keyCommands window and look for the ProcessLogicalPreset folder. They’re in there, you can assign a shortcut key in the normal way. You can also then show the Macros and add a LogicalPreset to a macro by clicking AddCommand. Any help?


Like I said, it’s not showing in the key commands, anywhere. All the presets that came with Cubase are there, but not the one I created.

Hmm, well, I’m not there to check right now but I’m pretty sure I have used them. Perhaps someone else can confirm that they don’t appear?

Are you sure you’re opening the correct folder? There are 2 different logical editors, one called just ‘Logical Editor’ and one called ‘Project Logical Editor’.


Yes, I looked in both and also did a search within the key commands.

Most times you need to close/restart cubase to have them show in KC