Custom long fall?

I have a sample library that has two jazz fall articulations, one short and one long. I have mapped the existing fall ornament(s) to the right keyswitch. However it seems in order to also have a different glyph and play back for the long fall I have to create a “playing technique,” and a “playback” technique. Its fine except:

  1. I cannot figure out how to change the position of the long fall glyph in the playing technique to be to the right of the note instead of over the staff.
  2. The long fall then continues to following notes, undesired.
    3.- not as important- but I would prefer this new long fall be assigned as an ornament instead of a playing technique so that the same popover type can be used to apply either type of fall. Is this possible?
    Thank you so much for your help!

Dorico doesn’t currently provide a means to automatically position playing techniques to the left or right of notes, though we know this would be useful.

Make sure your new playback technique is defined as an Attribute rather than a Direction; then it will be automatically removed again for the next note.