Custom macro?

I’d like to create shortcuts so I don’t have to manually account for the negative track delays of my sample libraries, each having a different negative track delay. Is there a way I can set up these shortcuts in Cubase? Should I use a macro or no? If so, how do I go about creating one for this specific purpose?

EDIT : actually not relevent. Sorry…

I personally think that there is no Macro that can be set up for this issue (I hope I’m wrong).

I believe this is because every library has a different timing problem i.e, the people who edit the samples, all have saved said samples with a tiny amount of silence at the start of every audio file.

So, the variables are too many to have a single command to fix this issue.

Time and pitch issues between libraries, and sometimes within libraries drive me mad…

I’m trying to see where the issue is. I guess that, by evoking your “sample libraries”, you mean a set of different audio files you want to use in a given project.

As @somecomposer just stated, it would be doable if all your samples were exactly beginning at the same relative time (which means carefully trimming on the left all what could be a silence, i.e. with the Audio > Advanced > Detect Silence window). Then, you could eventually set the Snap type to Events and move samples, one against others, to align them perfectly.

Still not sure that’s relevent, though. More precisions with the use case would help…

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A friend of mine worked for a well-known library company, he had to work on hundreds of thousands of individual samples, and the deadlines were suffocating, I believe this can be the cause of the issue.

Sound editors have to work on crazy amounts of samples.

When time is short, mistakes will happen with starting points, thus having timing issues occur later, when users buy the libraries and start having all sorts of problems that need timing compensation.

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Yep, I imagine that more or less realistic deadlines and commercial requirements don’t help to make perfectly calibrated packages. Seems that it’s the case, here, with @Daniel_M inquiry… :slightly_frowning_face:

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That’s entirely possible.

This conversation actually reminded me of a video I saw on this topic:

What’re y’all’s thoughts on this?

Also, for giggles and out of pure curiosity, I checked and Instrument Tracks DO have the delay compensation feature. Initially, I was thinking that may have been for MIDI Tracks only, but thankfully, that is not the case!

You still haven’t give us the use case, and I don’t get what the “delay compensation feature” in instrument tracks has to do with your sample libraries content. Maybe by being more clear in your initial inquiry, you could have get more relevent answers. I’ll let all this as it is, with your “giggles”…

Oh, sorry. Initially, I was looking for a macro or shortcut that adjusted the MIDI notes to a certain tick in order to compensate for the negative track delays on each instrument in my main library, which is Spitfire’s BBCSO Pro, so with the click of a button, I can have each note in the proper place for the triggered audio to line up in time, rather than my having to adjust each note by hand. After starting this topic, I remembered the video above that goes into this very topic. I guess it’s called the “negative delay field” in Cubase, but from what I understand, you can go in and manually input the offset amount for each instrument so it triggers early, thus giving the desired effect of everything playing in time.