Custom margins for first flow heading?

Is it possible to specify different margins for the first flow heading of a layout without editing its frame directly? Since first flow headings are typically beneath titles, I figure they don’t need the same large top margin that subsequent flow headings use to separate them from the music of preceding flows. (This is all assuming new flows are allowed to start in the middle of pages.) I could just manually change the first flow heading’s frame, sure, but then I’d have to do that in every layout and project.

Thanks, all!

One can create alternate Flow Heading templates just as one can create different Page Templates and can assign a different Flow Heading Template to the first page than to the rest of them.

(A parallel situation, my First Page template includes page numbers, but I have a separate First Page Without Page Numbers that I assign to the very first page of my file.)

Whoa. It never occurred to me that one can create custom flow headings. Thanks, Derrek! That’s actually a better solution than what I’d hoped for. I wondered if there was a switch in the Layout settings or something.

The Flow Heading Change dialog contains settings for the margins.

I’ve used that dialogue box before, but I never noticed you can specify a different flow heading in it, rather than only using the bottom two fields to edit the margins. Thanks, Ben!