Custom Masterpage doesn't update in score

I created a title page in the Engraving section and noticed that when I make a change later on, this change isn’t updating in the score. Why is that? The only way to get this correction in the score is by deleting that page from the score first and insert it again. Shouldn’t it update automatically if I make a change in Engraving/Masterpage section?

Once a page in the layout is overridden (i.e. shows a red triangle in its corner in the Pages panel on the right-hand side) then any further changes you make to the master page will not be reflected on that page until you remove its overrides.

I tried that, removing the override deletes the page itself.

How does this make sense? If I create a new Masterpage and apply that to a page, any updates to the Masterpage should be reflected there. Isn’t that the point of Masterpages? Edit once, apply everywhere.


If you have a single page with a custom layout, I don’t think you need a Masterpage for it. Just insert a page and edit it directly.

Craig, if you do not override a page, a change in the masterpage will be reflected, so this makes perfect sense. This means that any override in the workflow should be as scarce as possible.

Andre, when you remove the override, you write the page is deleted. So what happens to the music that it was displaying ? It cannot have disappeared, it must be displayed in another page — on which you could apply your new masterpage, right ?

There is no music on that page, it’s a title page. But maybe it’s indeed not necessary to create a master page for this, inserting an empty page in the layout makes more sense.

The problem is that what you say might be ambiguous.

Suppose you edit a page directly - for example to delete a text frame, containing some “wildcard” text like a title, that you don’t want on that particular page.

Then you edit the master page to change something else (not the text frame you just deleted on one page). Do you want that text frame to reappear on the page in your score without any warning? Probably not!

You can get the text frame to reappear if that IS what you want - just delete the manual override to that page.

No computer software is ever going to be smart enough to “read your mind” and guess correctly which option you really wanted.

You probably don’t want to have to create new “master pages” for every little one-off edit to the format of the score either. In a score like a worksheet, or a hymn book where the tunes and words were different lengths on many pages, that would probably lead to a mess of dozens of master pages, each used only once - and the problems of inventing a useful naming system and remembering which master page applies to which page of the score.

What if you need a Masterpage that isn’t the “default”. If you create a new Masterpage, then insert a page using that Masterpage - it creates an override. Any changes to that Masterpage will not be reflected in the overrided page.

That is exactly my point. A unique page doesn’t need a Masterpage.

On the bright side, the masterpages for the rest of the score work great! :smiley:

Sorry, but I’ve lost the thread of your argument now. If a unique page doesn’t need a Master page, why do you want the master page to be applied automatically to override its format?

Master pages have a property that tell Dorico where to apply them. “First” is applied to the first page in each flow in a layout. “Default” is applied to every other new page by default.

This is slightly confusing, because in the default formats the master page with the property “First” is also named “First” (and similarly for “Default”) - but that isn’t necessary, the name of the master page can be anything you like. You can only have one master page in a Master Page Set with the “First” and “Default” properties - it wouldn’t make sense to have more than one of each.

Andre, it’s karaktärstycken :slight_smile: (one word in swedish)

Thanks! Still learning Swedish. :slight_smile: