Custom microtonal accidental creation

Long-time Sibelius user gladly switching to Dorico 3.5. (Windows 10)

I use 18 custom microtonal accidentals in an OTF font called MicroFont. (They live in the symbol library in Sibelius.) Is there a way I can use this font in Dorico?

I gather I could make each accidental a png/jpg and bring them in that way?

I’m not experienced with microtonal music, but I think it would be quite straightforward to use the Music Symbols Editor to swap out the existing microtonal glyphs for the ones you want to use instead. You can search for the Music Symbols Editor to find tutorials on it. It’s quite powerful and easy to use.

You really need to use SVGs though. They’re vectored images that won’t pixelate. Don’t use JPGs or PNGs.

If they’re in a font, you should be able to use them directly in your tonality definition.

Thanks, Craig - they indeed are listed in my fonts, and I have created a 72-EDO tonality and created a few of the 18 I use.
How to input them into the score?

Your custom accidentals should appear in the Key Signature panel in the accidentals section. You need to input a Key Signature for new tonality system first otherwise Dorico thinks you’re in standard 12 EDO.

Ah so, that is very helpful. Thank you so sorry to be a bother!