Custom midi cc curve presets?

Hi all, long time Cubase user here (been at it since v2.8, before audio tracks).

This is a long shot, but I figure I might not be the only stumbling upon this so here goes;

I’m looking for a way to create and apply generic midi cc to selected midi note events, something like logical expressions but for drawing in custom MIDI CC events with an option to have it adapt to each selected note’s length when applying to other note events.

Specifically the reason I’m here now is because I’d like to add vibrato and expression to midi notes for a Violin and Cello passage I’m working on, and I can “feel” where the violinist/cellist would add vibrato and I know it’s fairly similar in expression for every note where it happens, so I thought it would be very nice if there was a way to define a custom midi cc expression to quick-apply to selected note events.

I’ve put together a quick screenshot of how the end result midi cc would look for this particular scenario, but the idea is to have a way to draw custom midi cc and save as presets.

Does anyone know of a way to make this happen without having to resort to copy & paste?
Note: copy & paste works reasonably well for notes of equal length, but not so well when note lenghts vary.

I’ve tried googling for Cubase scripting or midi cc expression presets etc but found nothing sofar.
Also, I haven’t RFTM in 15 years, so if that’s the culprit, I’d love a quick pointer and I’ll dig in from there.

Many thanks in advance!