Custom MIDI controller ranges?

Is there any way I can set a minimum value for the vibrato controller, preferably on a per-expression map basis?

Spitfire Symphony Orchestra’s newest solo flute performance programming switches to fluttertongue when the vibrato falls below 8 or so. Really annoying.

Sure! You can set value of that controller in any playback technique that a particular expression map has. It’s gonna depend on what’s already in your map, but sounds like you might want to set it to 10 or something in the “natural “ playback technique.

I’d rather not have to add default vibrato messages to every technique. I’m not sure how well that approach would play with notation meant specifically to alter vibrato.

Thinking about the problem a bit more, the solution will probably have to be on the Spitfire side, since the MIDI control changes are programmatic in the VST. Thanks all the same for your input, though. :+1:

No worries. Though you wouldn’t ever put it in every technique anyway, just the one that cancels vibrato - why I was thinking “natural” . I do tend to make sure everything like that is in a default state in “init” so that when you start and stop in random places, you don’t get something weird playing because that happened to be the technique that was enabled when you stopped. JustFWIW.