Custom midi editor taskbar configuration bug. 9.5

I set up the taskbar to show hide what I want it to in the key (or drum) editor lower zone, open it to full screen and it just resets and shows a completely different configuration. This one then sticks until I have to reconfigure it.

Loop and repeat.

This is clearly a bug. Steinberg please address it. I’m already having issues with the insert slots not showing properly since the 9.5 update (and yes, I’ve applied the 9.5.10 update) aswell as midi note length quantize not working as it should.

I’m on a Windows 10 64 bit system.

It’s usually a good idea to list the exact steps it takes to cause the problem, and not general steps. Then folks can try to replicate it.

I can’t replicate your problem based on your description. But then it’s almost guaranteed that what I tried is different than what you are doing. :wink:

Thanks for your reply.

So it seems to be working as expected now… ?

Not sure why as I’m doing the exact same things as I did when the problem was occurring…

hmmm… maybe it’s triggered by other variables… I’ll update this post accordingly.