Custom Montage Duplicate - No matching files??

Hi everyone - sorry for the potentially newb question here, but I’m new to WL this week. I’m trying to use Justin’s video as a great starting point to work in one DAW for everything, but I can’t get the custom montage duplicate to connect to new audio files. They are in a separate folder and I’m pointing the dialog to them, but it says ‘no matching file could be found.’ Any advice? I’ve gone over it a few times and even tried the Old/New files fields to see if it was a filenaming thing that I need to learn about WL.

I don’t think this is a bug - it’s just that I’m not coming up with any answers in searches. Thanks in advance!

In case specs are needed, I’m on OSX 10.14.6, and running WL 10.0.30

It might help to show a screen shot of the folder where the source file(s) for the original montage are located, and a screen shot of the new SRC’d files is.

The only time I’ve had this not work is when I’m accidentally pointing it to the wrong folder, or I accidentally added some characters to the new SRD’d file.

Also, I don’t think it will fix it but 10.0.40 is now out, and one small thing this updates fixes is that when you do successfully do a custom montage duplicate, the waveform view isn’t missing at first. That part was a bug, but it was just visual and didn’t prevent anything from actually working.

Ok - after reading your reply, I realized that the replacement file had a different name, rather than the same name in a folder of a different name that shows the change. I got it now! Thanks so much-

I’ll also update to 10.0.40 so the waveforms draw correctly. Thanks, Justin-

Good deal. Yeah, the files themselves need to have the same exact name. That’s why I make a folder for 96k Renders and 44-1k Renders, so the files can have the same names but since they are in different folders, there is no conflict.

And yeah, 10.0.30 was the only version where the waveform wouldn’t be visible in the new montage until you did a zooming action or something else. Normally, the full waveform is visible ASAP.