Custom Name VST Instruments per project

I run sometimes 10 instances of Play and 15 instances of Kontakt not to mention all of the massive amount of synths.

When selecting an instrument from a midi channel a certain instrument from a large list of:


Trying to remember which instance it was that I had say “Celloclose mic” on instance 3 of Kontakt.

Instead remembering the name and number instead be able to name the virtual port in VST instruments whatever I’d like to call it.

So rather than choosing the Kontakt3 from the drop down on the midi channel I would choose “Cellos and Violas”

Kontakt3 would be named “Cellos and Violas” (even though it remains Kontakt3).

Then the midi section would be nice and clean looking with huge projects. Would be useful for naming textures. And relevant use of the synth or instrument in the project rather than say: Omnisphere2 it could be “Pads and Strings”

And further implementation of this idea you could name each channel of virtual midi numbers that the Omnisphere or Kontact offered. So rather than selecting “Omnisphere2” and midi channel 2 to get your “airy pad”

You could be selecting “Pads and Strings” “Airy Pad” (Instead of midi channel 2). This is very much how I am thinking in the first place. The midi number and place holder name of the VST instrument is not the most immediate way my brain works.

So then if “Airy pad” from “Pads and Strings” is selected the midi channel could be automatically named (only if you want) And you can always custom name any track but if you would like auto naming of midi tracks could be rather useful.

And auto sort of these tracks. Say we have 10 midi tracks from “Pads and Strings” All uniquely named. If we are in auto name mode these tracks could all be added automatically to a folder in arrangement view.

Or from the VST instrument view have a drop down menu next to each multi-midi instrument with a setting that says “create all midi channels” or drag down to your midi election i.e. “airy pad” (actually midi channel 2 but has been named) and just select it and it would create the named midi track with all routing all covered.

Another implementation could be from the “add a track” section when you go add a track you select midi and a prompt comes up asking how you would like the routing settings to occur. If we have the “Pad and Strings” loaded up that would be a relevant choice in the menu and selecting the port number (or the named port i.e. “airy pad”) and the midi channel is created, routed, named, placed in a folder that is named, all in one shot. And you could have a setting detailing that you would like 5 channels or all channels available on “Pads and strings” and it would grab all of them place them in a folder named relevantly.

And so the naming wouldn’t have to happen in every single session that you create allow the this name data to be written in to the preset data when saving. That way you open up “pads and strings” for Omnisphere and it loads up all the instruments and all of the custom naming and port naming.

That concludes this idea. But I can think of a million more implementations with the custom port naming. Like a custom preset track type that when you save a snapshot of a ten different tracks midi/audio/group/ tracks select them say create “preset” Open up a new project and add say “global preset” or something and brings everything related to it included naming VST instruments all plugins and custom routing that had occurred in the project.

Anywho thats enough for today
Check out the screenshots to help clarify some of the ideas.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 2.49.39 PM.png
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 2.45.03 PM.png