Custom NI Expression map MIDI Note # Chart

Hi Guys,

So I’ve come part of the way in creating some kind of custom map for the AudioBro String Ensemble Symphony series in Kontakt 6. I think the problem lies with the keyswitches not being triggered properly. I first tried creating an expression map from scratch using a MIDI note number chart and I was not getting any articulation changes. In retrospect, the MIDI note #s were probably way off because I was likely using a C3=60 chart. I know that Dorico uses C4 as middle C.

The problem is I can’t find any useful chart for C4=6 because they do not include the MIDI note numbers for C0. The weirder thing is the HSO expression maps do create some expression change but not 100% the correct ones There’s also an E natural drone on the bass constantly throughout.

Any help would be super appreciated.

Welcome to the forum, TorpedoVegas6. You can find a chart that shows MIDI note numbers where C4 = 60 here.

If you’re getting drone notes played, then it sounds to me as if you have chosen the wrong expression map for the sound you’re currently using for playback. All of the keyswitches for the HSO instruments are defined correctly in the expression maps that we supply with Dorico.

Hi Daniel,

I figured it out. Turns out that MIDI note #'s need to be entered in line with a C3 chart. My guess is that’s what the plugin’s standard is so it’s a bit backwards.

When I get some time I will share my xmaps on the Expression Maps macro thread.

The note numbers are always the same, for example middle C is always note 60. (And unlike MIDI program change numbers, nobody has ever decided to renumber the notes from 1 to 128 instead of 0 to 127, just to confuse people!)

But different MIDI hardware and software vendors call Middle C either C4 (the official standard), C3, or in a few cases C5, so if “nothing works” adding or subtracting 12 from the number you first thought of often fixes the problem.

Many sample libraries use C3 = middle C, but Dorico (as well as MusicXML, Sibelius, Scientific Pitch Notation and others) use C4. It would be great if everyone used the same, but there are multiple standards for historical reasons.

When I’m creating expression maps, most of the time I use this one (which uses C3=middle C = MIDI note 60):

All that matters is that you are able to read the pitch in the manual for your sample library and convert it to a MIDI note number.