Custom Noteheads Categories


I’m using Dorico 4.3 and I see that the question has already been posted by [Paolo_T] but as there was no reply and as I can’t check if it has been updated in Dorico 5, here is my question :

Is it possible to create new notehead categories, instead of putting all inside the few already existing categories ? (This feature could be useful also for playing technics…)


No, it’s not currently possible to create custom notehead set categories.

Thank you Daniel for the quick reply. I hope this option is in some todo list for a future release ! I was wondering, as I saw that the instruments editor is a new feature of Dorico 5 (and of course a more important feature than customising the Note heads categories). Still, it is very important to go that way of “customisability”, as every composer (even “mainstream”) has his own needs. I would say the same for the playing techniques categories (I know that the popovers are a very good way to go, but in some cases, if we cannot remember all our own and specific shortcuts like a specific technique for Harp or a Japanese Koto without having to scroll on a long and shared list between all the strings, just to give an exemple)…