Custom Noteheads

Hello all,

I am making custom noteheads for a project using glyphs in the notehead set editor. In the notehead editor I make a new notehead set. When I insert a notehead into it and edit it by adding or removing glyphs (for example a pedal damp sign, see screenshot), it changes that specific notehead across all other sets. For now I am just picking a notehead I don’t use at all in the project and changing that, but is it possible to make new noteheads completely? And is there a way to save them as templates across all projects?

Screenshot 2019-06-04 at 19.22.36.png

Yes, you need to use the + button in the action bar at the bottom of the Edit Notehead Sets dialog to add a completely new notehead, rather than editing an existing one. This is a bit subtle, so you’re definitely forgiven for being foxed by it. When you use the button in the top action bar, you’re adding an existing notehead type to the notehead set: using the controls in the lower half of the dialog you can create entirely new notehead types, and add them to the set at the same time.

Please see here.
You need to create new noteheads with the button at the bottom of the dialog.

Edit: Daniel was faster, but maybe the link is useful.

Thanks so much for the quick replies! And apologies I did miss this plus sign but could have given it another few minutes looking! Deadline stress…