Custom Percussion Staff

I am new to Dorico, so bear with me. :-/
One of the reasons I am considering changing to dorico, is the abillity to create your own percussion staff. But after seeing the video and doing things right I still can’t get it to do what I want.
I am trying to create a percussion staff containing: clash cymbals at E5, marching snare drum at C5 and marching bass drum at F4 and I want them to appear in a 5 line staff. But no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get that to work.
When I’ve loaded the instruments to the player, combined them into a kit and then placed them where I want them in the system, it still comes out looking as a grid staff instead of a 5 line staff, and it is beginning to drive me crazy, cause I can’t seem to figure out what I am doing wrong.
Can anyone help me.
Kind regards Carsten Esbensen

Welcome to the forum Carsten!

Percussion kits in Dorico allow you to have the same kit appear with different presentations in different layouts. So I presume the step you need to do now is to change the presentation type in the layout you’re looking at to the 5-line staff presentation, rather than the grid.

Hej Lillie.
Thank you. You just made e relax.
But I must admit, that this solution wasn’t very intuitiv.
Why is the choice of staffline not a part of the instrument creating/arranging part. Makes no sense to me.
Kind Regards Carsten Esbensen

It’s separate so that a single percussion kit can appear with single lines in the part but also as a 5-line staff in the score, for example, depending on the requirements. Because Dorico is flexible when it comes to having as many layouts as you want, and layouts able to contain any selection of players you want, this means you only need to set up the kit once but display it however you like wherever needed.

Edit: as you can see in the Edit Percussion Kit dialog, you can edit all 3 presentations of the same kit in the same dialog, and then pick which presentation you want to use in each layout.


Well… Oki…
Maybe that is a good thing or maybe not we’ll see.
I have an arrangement for concert band, I have to input. See how that goes.
Thank you again.
Kind Regards Carsten Esbensen

Dear Carsten,

Take your time to learn the software. And believe me, it’s really better to have too many options than to lack some options. In that regard, the flexibility offered by Dorico on percussion notation is really great. As long as you know where the things you need are located.
The other very big asset to this program is this forum, so don’t waste time or get nervous about something you don’t find. Ask, and you shall receive an answer !
Welcome to Dorico :wink: