Custom Playback Technique not appearing in Expression Map

I have created, in Engrave Mode, a new playback technique in the Pitched Percussion category.

It appears in the Articulations Panel but when I mouse over it, I see the new articulation name followed by “(pt.natural).”

When I attempt to assign the new technique in an Expression Map, it does not appear in the Playing Technique Combinations list.
Is there something I have missed?

Looks like you did the right things, but it frequently happens that you are left with Natural in the Playback Playing Technique (PPT) field of the Playback Technique dialog when you’re done doing the new PPT, and you have to explicitly select it again. I would first double check that the right PPT is active… I recreated your scenario now, and had no problems…

Thanks, fratveno. I have gone through all the steps repeatedly to no avail.

OK, can you upload a (possibly reduced) version of the project here? (Zip it up first)

Here it is:
Custom Technique (339 KB)

Not quite sure what has happened, but try this:

  1. Engrave/Playing Techniques : Just click the EDIT button to the right of ‘Playback Playing Technique’. (it doesn’t matter what PT is currently selected.) Locate your technique TremCresc and click Revert to Factory. It’s name will now say Natural *.
  2. Just leave it, and click the + to make a new PPT named TremCresc. Click OK.
  3. Make a new PT in the Pitched percussion section (I couldn’t find any there…) and make sure this new PPT is selected in the dropdown to the right of Playback playing technique. (if it’s not found alphabetically, look at the bottom of the list. It sometimes lingers there…) Click OK.

Thanks for the help. I wound up just deleting both the PT and the PPT and starting over. Working now.