Custom playback template doesn't work

I created a project for SATB choir. I connected all the instruments (voices) to one instance of VE Pro, saved that endpoint configuration, and created a playback template consisting of that endpoint configuration.

With the VE Pro project still loaded, I opened another project for SATB choir and applied the playback template I had just created. No endpoint is now shown in the VST and MIDI panel of Play mode, and nothing happens if I click on the Endpoint Setup button or the Edit Instrument button. In the Track Inspector panel the routing for each instrument is blank.

I have had the same result with several other projects. Applying the factory playback templates does work, so there seems to be something wrong with my custom playback template.

Here is the original project, the one in which I created the playback template. In this one, reapplying the playback template does work.

I had supposed that after several months of head-scratching I was beginning to understand this stuff, but clearly I was wrong. Can anyone help me out please?

Are you able to also export the playback template itself and attach it here, so we can take a look?

Sorry, I had somehow got the idea that the playback template was wrapped up in the project file. Here is the exported template. I don’t understand the difference between applying it in another project and importing it, but I have tried both and I get the same result in each case. Apologies for my stupidity as usual.

Did you close the original Dorico project? I’ve been bitten by this: Only one Dorico project can connect to the VE Pro instance. TheVST will load, but connection to the instance will fail.

Amazingly, I knew this. But thanks — it’s exactly the sort of basic fact I’m liable not to know!

Did anyone ever find time to look at this? I have just tried again in Dorico 5.1, with the same result (or rather non-result). I’m undoubtedly doing something wrong, but it would be nice to know what. Here is the new playback template.

Are the instruments in your new project the same custom instruments that you used in the original project?

Happy New Year, Daniel. Yes, it’s the same project - SATB and an organ. I only created a new version of the playback template. Each instrument is supposed to go to a different instance of Kontakt, all of them in a single VE Pro instance. The only difference is that since my original post I have updated the Kontakt instances to version 7.

The instruments listed in the playback template are custom instruments, rather than the factory default Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass. Does your new project use those same custom instruments? (Apologies for asking the same question in a different way.)

Apologies for not understanding the question the first time. I didn’t change the instruments, I only recreated the endpoints.

I have just tried again, this time using the factory template SATB + Piano to ensure that I got factory instruments, and creating another playback template. I applied the playback template to a project using the factory template SSA + Piano, and it does work. So the explanation is that the first playback template was created for custom instruments and therefore doesn’t work for factory instruments?

But I’m surprised to learn that there are custom instruments in this project. Though I did recently have cause to learn about custom instruments, I don’t remember creating any in this case. I suppose it’s possible that I did so by accident while blundering around trying to assign the clefs I wanted. But, in that case, shouldn’t they be showing up in the second column of my instrument picker? I don’t see them there.

Yes, the playback template you created referenced custom instruments, and all the playback template knows is the internal instrument IDs. It doesn’t store, for example, the default IDs for the factory instruments that the custom instruments are based on. So if it doesn’t find an exact match for that instrument ID, it won’t match your endpoints to the playback template.

Custom instruments by default are local to the project in which you created them. Unless you saved them as defaults, they won’t show up in the instrument picker in another project.