Custom playback template not working with EWQL Play


Has anyone got this to work? I have a strings (V1, V2, Viola, cello, bass) piece using EWQL, including some simple expression maps. I saved all to an endpoint configuration. Then created a new playback template, adding this new endpoint config as the first manual entry. I also added the Halion HSSE+HSO(Pro) afterwards ( to catch any non strings). I saved it. Created a new piece and applied this new playback template to it - it did nothing at all ! Then I made sure the PLAY VST was loaded together with the Halion one and tried the procedure again - Dorico actually CLOSED the PLAY VST when I applied my playback template.

It doesn’t seem to work the way Steinberg says it should?



Welcome Andrew! First for encouragement - I assure you that It does work with EWQL exactly the way that they say. And the destruction and recreation of all VST is normal and intentional when a template is applied.

We’d need more information to see for sure what was up, but given that Dorico did not create any new Play instances when the template was invoked - seems like maybe the VST’s weren’t correctly mapped to an instrument in the template project where you saved the endpoint. Dorico uses wha tyou did in the template project as a guide to determine that Violin 1 gets mapped to EW Violin 1 or whatever you called the V1 endpoint in the config.

Maybe post your template project, or give us more of an idea of the steps you went through? For now I would leave HSSE out - its just one less thing when you are troubleshooting. Regardless - hang in there, its worth it.

I have Dorico Elements - do I need Pro for the templates to work?

I will look into your comments in a bit - thanks for the fast response

Hi again

I have attached an exported playback template - hope it helps you spot what isn’t working!


AL 5 strings (580 KB)

(… your PT is for solo strings, so it won’t activate if you should be trying to load section strings…)

AAAHHHHHH!!! Thank you!

I have changed it around and all works perfectly now. Thanks again - I hadn’t appreciated the differences between section players and single players

Does anyone know if there are Playback Templates with rich Expression Maps made for EWQL Symphonic Orchestra?