Custom Playback Template

I have have a large percussion ensemble piece that uses the standard playback template for Dorico Pro. I have added two instances of Kontakt to this score that each use a custom drum set. I saved the score as a template, which works fine. All the Halion instruments are there as well as my custom Kontakt drum instruments.

I never made a custom playback template for this setup, which I would like to do, so I can use it for scores other than my template. I defined a custom template from the score that includes the Kontakt instruments. However, every time I try to apply the custom template to a new score, it open multiple instances of the Kontakt instrument, and depending on the score, it keep opening them to the point I have to force quit the program. This never happens with the score template.

So, what could I possibly be doing wrong in defining the playback template?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Ciro_Scotto,
Take a look at these videos. They all could help you to understand how to create Percussion Maps, and then to create Playback Templates.

You should also consult the Manual:

Another way to understand how these things work is to explore some preexisting Percussion Maps.

I hope all this information is helpful to you! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:

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Hi Thurisaz,
Thanks for the information. I don’t have a problem with the percussion maps and saving Endpoints. I have that all worked out and working fine with my Kontakt instrument. My problem was the way the custom defined Playback Template was behaving with Kontakt when Kontakt was added or included in the template. I have read the manuals, but will reread them again to see if I missed something. I have not seen the video on Playback Templates, so I will give that a go to see if it helps my problem. Thanks!

In case anyone is interested, I found what was causing multiple instances of Kontakt to open. The first item in my Playback template is the endpoint I defined for the Invasion Drum kit from Get Good Drums. The regular Halion templates are second and third. Of course, as it says in the manual, when loading a score, it will search for the instruments in the first item in the playback template and any it can’t find in the first item, the program will search the second and third item. Well, I had to use drum definitions (names) that were already in Dorico to create my custom percussion map. The problem was the score itself. That is, if my score had my custom drum kit and tuba, for example, it would load the correct single instance of the Kontakt instrument and then go to Halton to load a tuba.
The problem is the piece I am creating is a percussion ensemble piece that I want to Kontakt for my custom drum kit and Halion for all the other drums. However, if I used a Dorico drum name in my custom kit, such as floor tom and also have a floor tom in the score that is not part of the kit, the playback template can’t tell that one should be part of the Kontakt instrument and the other instrument with the same name should be load from Halion, so it loads everything from Kontakt with my custom kit. I know you can define instruments to be excluded from the playback template, but I do not think the filter is smart enough to distinguish that I want an instrument with the same name from different playback sources. I will explore whether the exclude instrument list can work this way.