Custom playback tutorial?

By the title I mean, a tutorial on a section of music which is finished as far as notation markings, but then show us how to customize the result further using what Dorico makes available for that purpose.

Perhaps it already exists and I haven’t seen it.

Just in case it’s not clear what I’m asking, for instance if I have a short violin solo and I have decided that all the notation for accents, legato, crescendo, etc., is inserted the way I want, how then can I further customize this and where and how to use the tools to do this?

That’s the kind of tutorial I haven’t come across yet and could use information on.


Hello rexwine,

To customise a whole range of playback markings select the ‘Play’ tab then go to the top menu and select: Play -> Playback Options.

In the ‘Playback Options’ window on the left-hand side there are three tabs: 'Dynamic, Pedal Lines, Timing. Clicking on each of these tabs will give you a load of individual options where you can customise your playback.

I would heartilly suggest having a safe and secure backup of your original score and experiment with the settings on a copy. Enjoy playing with different settings until you find what you want.

I hope this helps.


Thanks! I will now explore those options.