Custom player order

I started by assuming that Custom Player Order would be flow-specific but it actually applies to all flows in a layout.
I cannot make a layout with different configurations in each flow, e.g. SATB SATB and SSATBB.
I can only think now of two layouts combined externally as PDFs.
Can anyone suggest a method within Dorico? Layout chains?

One idea would be to create four section “players” (singers) for SATB, and create divisis for S and B in the last flow.

If you create new players in setup mode, you can drag the existing “instruments” into them to save copying the music (except for the last flow of course).

That has the nice side effect that the staff will be labeled just “S” in the first two flows, but “S1” and “S2” in the last one.

I meant SATB+SATB (2 choirs) then SSATBB. Other variants follow.

I would set it up SATBSATB, then for the later iteration, use divisi.

Thank you, yes, I had already tried divisi but (these are recorder ensembles, not singers) I want to give each player a single line of music.
Browsing the menus I found the answer (new in 3.5 so not in the help file), which does the job exactly.
Edit/Staff/Manual Staff Visibility

If you don’t want certain players in the second flow, just exclude them from it in Setup Mode. No need for Manual Staff Visibility.