Custom Playing/Playback Techniques Problem with Played Duration Notes

I’m currently building an expression map, and have encountered a problem when triggering custom playing/playback techniques.

Here is a minimal working example.

I’ve created a new playing technique, called New Playing Technique, linked it to a new playback technique called New Playback Technique, with an Attribute articulation type, and inserted this as a switch into the HSO Flute Solo expression map.

A simple piece of music for solo flute with four articulations, two notes each, looks fine.

Now, adjust the start of the played duration notes. I’ve moved the first note back and the second note forward within each pair.

The second note of the New Playing Technique pair has had its playing technique revert back to Natural. My feeling is that the playing technique is attached to the start of the written note, rather than the played note.

I noticed this while working on a brass “rip” custom playing technique, in which I intended to move the start of the played note earlier than the written note to line up the peak of the rip with the beat.

I’m hopeful that I’ve missed something in the settings. Does anyone have any ideas? I’ve attached my example.

Custom Playback Technique Problem.dorico (622.2 KB)