Custom playing technique doesn't offset on custom percussion instrument

I have a custom percussion instrument, “snare” and “tom”, using a grid. I have a technique ( U+E635 arpeggiato down) I would like placed to the side of the note head for the tom. When I input it using the popover, the technique is placed on top of the staff, above the note head, even though I have it setup to offset to the left of and next to the note head in the Edit Playing Techniques window. In order for it to be in the correct position, I have to manually place it.

What am I doing wrong re: offsets?


Auto placed.pdf (8.6 KB)
Manually placed.pdf (8.6 KB)

You’re not doing anything wrong, @IzvorMusic. At the moment, playing techniques can only be positioned above the note. We do plan to add further placement options in future versions.

Thanks, Daniel. the support you and your team give to us is really beyond belief. Looking forward to future versions…