Custom Playing technique horizontal alignment

I’ve created two custom Playing Techniques to use as editorial staccato dots.

Is there a way to change their horizontal alignment to the note-head?
Changing the X-offset of the first element (to which the other is attached) has no effect.

Not by default, as the positioning is hard-coded. I think the solution is to add a blank “space” character first, then add the desired PT second, anchored to the first. I haven’t done that myself though.

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Exactly. Something like this seems to work fine.

I’ve tried to add a blank space from the Text tab in the “Insert Text here” but it doesn’t change anything. What am I missing?

The space won’t be visible at the point at which you add it, but it’ll act as an anchor and will be considered when Dorico tries to align the overall playing technique above/below the note.

The select buttons shown here can be used to navigate between the various glyphs in the Playing Technique (including the invisible space), making it reasonably easy to keep track of each component’s relative position.


I see, so: adding the text object from the Text tab is correct, then one needs to adjust the spacing between the space and the staccato dot.
For the Open bracket, a 2 space gat worked well, for the Close bracket I had to use 3, but could reduce it a bit, maybe 2,80-2,90.

PS: the close bracket had to be recreated as I could not attach the space to the dot, it would attach to the bracket.

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