Custom playing technique

I’m trying to create a new playing technique that is sfz with a short > after;

I could not find a line drawing tool in the editor so I use a “dim” but I cannot make it more narrow. Using any handle results in proportional scaling and the

have no effect.

I could add a normal text “>”

or an accent

but it would be interesting to learn if there are better ways and how these handles are supposed to work so I can customize the size of “>”.

Do you have any recommendations for making such an item using this editor, or perhaps some other (better) way?


You could write a “sfz>” in dorico with the desired length of the dim., export a slice as svg an import this as the graphic for the playing technique.


FYI this is apparently as designed, so is not considered a bug. For glyphs and text, as you’ve noticed, only the Y works, for composites the X does it, and for graphics the Y scales (still proportionally) and the X crops (symmetrically, from the sides).