Custom Playing Techniques not imported with Expression Maps


I am making an expression map for an organ plugin so that I can trigger different stops of the organ from within Dorico. As there are no default playing techniques for organ stops I created them by myself. However, when I import my expression map some of the custom playing techniques are not important. Specifically, the ones that are mapped as “Technique Add-on Switch” in the expression map.

What did I do wrong? Can someone please help me?

I suppose “important” is a typo and you meant “imported”. You can click the star on each playing technique (in its edit window, at the bottom) you need so that it will be available in every new document.

Hey thanks for the quick response. You are right it is a typo. I will try that!

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The star fixed the name resolution inside the expression map, but the playing techniques are still not shown in write mode.

Here is an image of how I setup the playing techniques in write mode inside my Dorico project for the expression map:

And here is an image of how it looks after I import the playback template in a new project:

The ones that are missing in the second image (like +Trump, +Mix,…) are extacly the ones which are only setup as Add-on Switch and not as Base Switch.

Playing techniques and written techniques are independent of the expression maps. You need to click on the star in both techniques.

Thanks, now the playing techniques are shown in other projects.

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