Custom playing techniques symbols how i remove elements from them?

Custom playing techniques symbols how i remove elements form them? i need put new element to replace element (now is single line what i drawed in another program but now i see i need little thicker line) what i allready put (sometimes i need simply delete it). And allready looked manual about this editor. i generally look always manual first but sometimes i dont have words.

Ps. edited again i make mistake.

  1. Go to this dialog: Edit Playing Techniques dialog

  2. Find the playing technique you want to edit in the list on the left, and select it there.

  3. If it’s a glyph technique, you’ll see the preview in the area marked 4 on the page above, with a pencil icon button.

  4. Click the pencil (“Edit”) button to open this dialog: Edit Playing Technique dialog

  5. You should automatically see handles around the glyph/symbol, which indicate it’s the currently selected component.

  6. Click the bin icon button (just to the right of the red number 4 in the picture on the 2nd linked page)

(PS always feel free to include as many pictures as you need in your posts to help clarify what you’re asking! It’s not always easy to explain concepts in words, so pictures can really help.)

Now solved. only thing is how earth i do line what looks part of bravura. i know i going send feature request and Bravura Text allready have what i need but wrong thickness.