Custom Preset Browser Problem

Hello everybody,
I have some problems with the Custom Preset Browser. I Cant’ save/load my own Presets.
I setup a Page with a Curve Editor for the Mod Matrix Row 20. If I choose the Custom Setting I like to save the Curve Setting.
In the Template Parameter for the Preset Browser I’ve made following Settings:

Scope - @type:Zone (for all Zones)
Product - HAlion
Section - ModMatrix
Load From - Mod Matrix/ModCurve
Save To - My Presets

I’m not sure if the Scope and Section Setting is correct. I’ve tried different Settings, but I only can save and load if there is nothing in for the Scope.
But I don’t know, what is saved because nothing happened after I choose the Preset. The Folders will be createt.
If I choose the Custom Curve directly in the Mod Matrix from the Layer in the Programm it works and the Curve also will change to the saved Setting.

The same thing also for example for the LFO 1 Settings.

Scope - @type:Zone/@LFO 1 (for all Zones, also tried “@0:Zone 1” for only one Zone)
Product - HAlion
Section - LFO 1
Load From - Zone/LFO
Save To - My Presets

I also take a look at the Init Basic Controls Preset to see how it works, but as I tried it on my Page nothing happen.

I think the Scope is the Problem, but I don’t know how to fix it.

Thanks for some Help.

It seems that nobody could help me. So I do a lot of testing and trying on this problem and I’m getting more and more frustrated.
Back to the situation:

I have different pages -LFO, Envelope, Step Modulator, Mod Matrix and two Zones - “Synth” and “Sample”. The Layer is called “Instrument”
Both Zones uses the same Parameter for Filter, LFO… I set this to “@type:Zone”. I can control both Zones together.
Now I like to save some settings from the Pages withe the “Custom Preset Browser” Template.
For the “LFO” I set the Scope to “@0:Instrument/@0:Synth/”
and the Section to “LFO 1”
Now I can save the Settings for the “Synth Zone”. But I Like to safe it for both Zones and it don’t work with the “@type:Zone” Parameter in the Scope. I tried different ways of typing. Mostly I can’t save any Setting because the Window will not open.

The same for the Envelope Curves. For example the Pitch Env.
Scope: @0:Instrument/@0:Synth/
Section: Pitch Env
I can save and load and I see the Curve changing on the Macro Page, but only for the Synth. If I change to “@0:Instrument/@0:Sample/” only for the Sample Zone. The same thing as for the LFO.

For the “Step Modulator” I do the same, but there I could not Load any saved Preset.
It will work for a while but to much trying and the right setting gets lost.
Scope: @0:Instrument/@0:Synth/
Section: StepMod

For the Mod Matrix I us e a script from Row 1 to 16. In Row 20 I set
Source: User Env
Destination: Pitch
I also use the “Curve Editor” Template for Row 20 and set it to both Zones. That works, if I change the “Custom Curve” I see it in the “Sound Editor” for each Zone.
Again I only can save for the Synth Zone because It will not work with both.
Scope: @0:Instrument/@0:Synth/@matrix/@row:19
Section: ModMatrix
The other thing is, if I load a Preset, the Curve will not show the saved Preset in the Template on the Macro page but in the Sound Editor.
The Settings for the Template:
Curve Data: @type:Zone/@matrix/@row:19/@id:1000a
Min: @type:Zone/@matrix/@row:19/@id:10004
Max: @type:Zone/@matrix/@row:19/@id:10005
Play Pos: ???
So I’ve tried to set a Midi Modul for the Velocity Curve. That will work, the Curve will change after loading, but - how could I get this Modul startet and connectet to the Matrix? It is a “Modifier” and not a “Modulation”. I only can connect a “Modulation Modul” in the Matrix. The Manual dont give an answer… Maybe I don’t find it.

Last but not least, after restart of the Program, every Custom Browser shows the last saved/used Preset name. For every Browser I set a different Folder for Load/Save.

So, if ANYONE could help before my brain starts to explode that would be great!


I not sure a preset loader can save and load for multiple elements out of the box. This will likely have to be done via scripting.

Have you looked into the onLoadSubPreset function.

Your scope will then be the script module and the “Section” can be used to trigger specific sections of your script for putting the loaded data.

Thank You for that information AposMus. I don’t know much about scripting. The Script I use I also get with help. But I trie this one later. Thanks for the moment, that will help a lot!

Hi AposMus,
now i have tried the script example in the link, but nothing happened. Do I have to change something? I don’t understand the Values of “p1” and “p2” in the script. Do I have to replace them with “Pitch” and “Filter”?
Here’s a picture from the Page.

Thank you for some help.