Custom Program - copy Samples to directory?

In making a custom sampler program is there a way to copy the sample to my project folder? My samples stream from the place where I’ve imported them from so when I move to another computer I get the missing files message. I’ve tried exporting as a vstpreset with samples but the sample still streams from it’s original location. Any way to have it stream from the project folder?

Hi there,

you will only have to save as VST 3 Preset with Samples.

On the other Computer you will have to locate them only once, the first time you load the program/preset.

If you want to stream them from a different location, please use “The Replace Sample” function:

  • Copy the files to a location with the exact identical names

  • Now open The HALion 4.5.2 and load the preset

  • Mark every sample in the Program and Right Mouse click

  • Choose now under /Import/Export “Replace Samples” or “Change Sample Folder”

I do this nearly every day and it works.

You can find further information in the HALion 4 manual.