Custom program icons

How do I create program icons? In the included soundbanks there are icons for Bass, Sound fx etc. How can I import my own custom icons for my own instruments. I know that you can’t in Kontakt without a little script and I know you can’t in Machfive 3 but can I in Halion 4. I would like to have customs icons or even included icons in my programs other than the stock standard piano icon. Any help?

Nobody?..How did they get there icons in the library patches. There must be some way to do it? When you have multiple custom programs in Halion It would be real helpful to have different icons for easier navigation.

I think icons are assigned automatically when you define attributes while saving HALion programs. It seems there’s no way of applying one’s custom icons.

Cool Thanks for the reply El-russo,

I never tried applying different attributes to get the different preset icons. I never even thought of it as I use my own instrument references for my programs in my personal data basing. Even though I would like the option of using my own it is a very helpful solution and I’ll apply settings to my instruments from now on to get better variety. Excellent thanks!