"Custom Repat Signs" like D.S. con Rep


I like to clearly point out, weather D.S. are played with or without repetition when I write.
Is there any way to make a two line repeat Sign, like D.S. al Coda CON REP?

It would be much neater, than having to use system text, wich is connected to other objects in my score and I have to move it around in engrave mode.

Best Regards


You can use the regular repeat markers and then set the ‘Custom text’ property.

Ahh, thank you!

Is there any way to include the coda sign inside the custom text? Like, for instance, if I wanted to translate “D.S. al Coda” and include the coda sign at the end. I assume is not, but maybe I’m missing something.

No, if you need a special symbol in the custom text, you’ll have to hide the real marking and create a system-attached text item.

Thank you Daniel, I’ll do that