Custom repeat text in Dorico Elements?

Apologies if this has been addressed - I’ve searched and haven’t come up with anything.

Is it possible to change the volta / repeat text in Dorico Elements? I am working on a hymn with 5 verses and a chorus, with a structure of VVCVVCVC; hence I need the text over the two voltas to read “1, 3” and “2, 4, 5”.

The help article here indicates this is possible in Dorico Pro’s Engrave mode, but there’s no mention of whether/how this is possible in Elements:


Welcome to the forum, jberkom. No, I’m afraid this isn’t possible in Dorico Elements because you cannot select each segment of the repeat ending line separately in Write mode, and the necessary properties only appear in Engrave mode, which of course is not included in Dorico Elements.

That help article is from the documentation for Version 1, which didn’t yet have Elements. You can find the current Dorico Elements manuals, both PDF and online webhelp, here :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification. I admit I’m a bit disappointed in this. I’m currently evaluating Dorico Elements as a replacement for Musescore 3 which I use primarily for worship music - both writing original settings and creating custom layouts for printing in a bulletin. Many of the songs we use are in Verse-Verse-Chorus-Verse-Verse-Chorus form, requiring the volta headers to be labeled for easy reading.

I completely understand why Engrave mode is made available only in the Pro version, but editing the volta text seems like a basic feature. Without it, I can’t use Dorico for an entire worship music form, which is becoming more popular. So far this is the only limitation I’ve found with Elements that would force me to Pro or sticking with Musescore. To me, this limitation is akin to not being able to number the lyric lines…which is thankfully easy in Elements.

Are there any reasonable workarounds?

Try making the repeat endings you want in Musescore and importing them into Dorico as MusicXML.

You might be able to copy and paste them to the right place in the score Elements, even if you can’t edit them. The place to click to select them is the bottom left corner of the “first time” bracket - it might not be easy to find the right spot to click, the first time you try!

Note, I don’t have Elements so I can’t check if this works.

I’m not sure Rob’s idea will work (though I’ve not tried it). I don’t know whether using boxed text instead of a repeat ending line would be an acceptable alternative? I guess probably not.