Custom Repeats on two lines

Is it possible to have repeats (like D.S. al Coda) with custom text be on two lines?
I want something like this:

Solos on AABC
then: D.S. al Coda

Sure, you can paste text into the the Custom Text field in Properties and line breaks will be preserved. I usually just quickly type it into an empty field in File Info …

… then paste it into Custom Text:


Thank you, the only way to have the 2 lines is to first type is somewhere else, correct?

edit: where is “other information locates”?

‘Other info’ is one of the fields in Project info (ctrl-i on Windows, cmd-i on Mac). It’s the only one allowing multiple lines of text (at least, allowing to also type returns directly).
(Edit: the copyright field also allows returns)


thank you!

they should enable to use strg+return though

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For anyone interested, the same workaround works for Player and Layout names as well.


Is there also a way to have tempotext in two lines?

I don’t think it works for Tempo Text. I would probably just use System Text, then add a hidden metronome mark.