Custom rightclick "user menu"

When one rightclicks,

A user menu where we can store all our favorite commands…

Or, a dynamic menu point , in which all our most used commands get stored.

This menu/folder should be at the top of the long list of menus… (Instead of having two function menus maybe?)



(right click menu point and select "add to custom or user)

  • 12,000,000,000

I got SICK of the endless right click menus YEARS ago. Not to mention the situation where there are multiple ‘MIDI’ menus.

Goddamn YES! Can’t believe how many years this has irritated me. Choices for right-click were everything or tools. Classic Steinberg!



We can leave the menu how it is. -> just add a “user” folder up top … We can choose the content of our folder by rightclicking any menu point and “add to X”

-it doesnt matter if the menu takes up screen real estate because when i am in the menu, i wanna be in the menu, not edit my quantise settings, move audio or whatever…
(Dont need to see the macros with every rightclick either:p (xmas-tree lights:p)

Nice that you also think that there can be some improvement:)

  • i know we can all agree to this one…:wink:

  • it should literally take SB no more than 5 minutes to implement… (More like 2-3 minutes)


Why not at least make the right click searchable. Or perhaps implement the searchable “collection bin” subsets from the plugin manager. That way we could have entirely custom lists of right menu items. Better still, adding a bit of intelligence to the code would allow us to make context-sensitive personalised lists, in an object oriented manner. At present the right-click button is more or less a representation of the menu structure, the opposite of evolution in software design.

Any improvement is an improvement…


i came up with this for my needs.