Custom Score Layouts not functioning

Whenever I try and set up a custom score layout, it will not render in the application nor can I print or export graphics of that layout. I can’t do anything to work in it, pan it around, zoom in/out etc. in any mode

I haven’t been able to get it to work in any project in any version of Dorico Pro 2 (did not try ever in version 1).

System info in signature. I emailed support and they sent me here.

Welcome to the forum, ehler. I think the issue is that you have either no flow assigned to your custom score, or no players assigned. In Setup mode, select the custom score layout in the Layouts panel on the right so that it’s bright blue: now in the Flows and Players panels you’ll see checkboxes appear at the right-hand side of each card. To assign a flow to the layout, click that checkbox without clicking elsewhere on the flow’s card; to assign a player, likewise click the player’s checkbox without clicking elsewhere on the player’s card.

Hopefully you will find this video, which shows that exact procedure, helpful.

Daniel, failing to select a flow was the exact problem. I’m used to the default layouts selecting all flows automatically so it didn’t occur to me, thanks.