Custom SRC Menu Issue

I just found out I can do any oddball SRC I want with Wavelab (like 42998), which is great, as I was testing how well it might work for VSO. I just do the SRC and then change the file properties to 44100, which is also great that it can be done in Wavelab. (or just play the file in a 44100 montage without changing the file propertes).

The only thing is, if I create a custom SRC in the Resampling section of the Master Section (using the “customize” option), I then lose the “customize” option in the pulldown there after the new oddball SRC rate is added, so I can’t create any more custom SRC’s. Can anyone reproduce this?

I have a workaround by creating new custom SRCs from the control in the montage. Then the new entry appears in the Resampling section pulldown and I still have the “customize” option available in the montage control. But the Resampling section is still missing the “customize” option at that point, so it seems it should be fixed if anybody else can reproduce it.

Thanks. Win 10 Wavelab 9.5.35.

You are right. Bug. I will fix this for 9.5.40.

Thanks PG. And thanks for putting the custom SRC and File Property abilities in Wavelab.