Custom staff label, not instrument name

I’m writing a piece for wind band. I have one player called “Mallet Percussion” which has two instruments, Xylophone and Glockenspiel. Is there any way for the score to label the Xyl./glock. staff “Mallet Percussion” without resorting to changing the instrument name of the instruments? I find that it will be confusing for the conductor to see the staff changing names throughout the piece. I would like the staff label to say “Mallet Percussion” and let the instrument change labels exclusively do the work of conveying what instrument the musician is playing.

Welcome to the forum, KsArntsen. Unfortunately it’s not possible to change the staff label to e.g. the player name at the moment, though this is something we absolutely plan to support in future.

For the time being, provided you don’t require showing staff labels belonging to each individual instrument in the part, you could edit the instrument name for both of the instruments held by the player to be “Mallet Percussion”, which would cause the staff labels to display “Mallet Percussion” throughout. You would then have to override the text label at each instrument change, though, using Properties in Engrave mode.

I don’t think this is a particularly practical solution, unfortunately, but it’s the only option available at the moment. You can rest assured it will change!