Custom Tags and Categories in Cubase for Efficient Organization?

Hello Folks,

I’m curious about Cubase’s capabilities for organizing elements within the DAW.

To be precise, I’m looking to create custom tags, such as a ‘Genre’ category, where I can tag instruments, samples, or any other elements I’ve used in music production for that particular genre. The goal is to have the ability to quickly revisit these tagged elements in future projects. The only related feature I’ve found so far is ‘Add to Favorites’, but what I look for is the ability to create multiple categories, each with its own set of tags, for even more efficient organization. It might be a feature in Cubase that I haven’t discovered yet.

Does Cubase offer the functionality to set up this kind of personalized tagging and categorization system?



In the MediaBay, there are several of these tags available already. And you can add your custom tags easily.