Custom Text for play X-Times


I like the function of playing repeats x-times and have a text for it.
However, is there a way for a custom text.
It shows up in German in my scores and says “x-mal spielen”.
Would be cool to have it displayed in englisch.

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You can customise the text in the Repeat Count section of the Repeat Markers page of Engraving Options.

Thank you. That reminder came at a very opportune time for me. :smiley:

I found the option to either customize the prefix or the suffix. But what can I do if I want
“Play 4 times” instead of
“4-mal spielen”?
I would need a prefix and a suffix at the same time, but Dorico does not offer this (yet?).

The default text must be somewhere within the language settings of the Dorico version I installed, correct? Is there a way to change that default text?

Best regards, Axel

You’ll need to change the language settings of the program (general settings > language).
Then, if you already have some “n-times” properties set, you have to redo them by de-activating them and then re-activating them.
If you change back to german, the english text remains, although I am not sure if it will survive a restart of the program.

Alternativley, you can use these settings in Engrave options. (Wiederholungsmarker > Wiederholungsanzahl)

Note the space after “Play " and before " times” in the pre- and suffix.

No, it didn’t survive a restart. :unamused:

I tried the custom play count, but Dorico kicked the suffix. Now I tried it again and it works.
Thank you for your help. It’s solved!

make sure to click out of the text field before hitting apply… :wink:

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