Custom text for repetitions

Hello everyone,

I’m highly interested in Dorico, the concept is very promising and I’m totally blown away by the chord symbol features.

I’m often notating leadsheets so I sometimes need custom texts for repetitions like “On cue”, “Open” etc. In Sibelius I can’t just insert any text into a bracket so I need to insert the text above the bracket object. Of course this is a terrible solution because everytime something in the layout changes the text will move and I have to adjust it manually.

I tried to find a way change “1.”, “2.” etc. into a custom text in Dorico but I could find how to do it. Is there a workaround?

Cheers, Lukas

In Engrave Mode, select the repeat bracket. Open the properties panel. Under Repeat Endings turn on Custom Text. Enter your text.

Ah, I’ve got to change into the Engrave Mode. Awesome, thanks David!

I wonder: is this custom text not actually part of the musical content, as opposed to only a matter of appearance (like hook length etc.)? I mean I’d rather expect it to be editable in Write Mode than in Engrave Mode. As we can see in Can’s example there may be more to it than just variations on ‘1’ and ‘2’.
OTOH, when Dorico eventually will support playback of repeat structures, it won’t have any idea how to interpret ‘Open’ or ‘On cue’.

I’m sure the fine folks at Dorico have thought or are thinking of a smart implementation. I could imagine this to be a setting in the attributes panel, too: “times to play repeat section: [number field]”